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Monthly paddle steamer articles written by John Megoran, author, manager and principal captain of Kingswear Castle for nearly 30 years on the Medway and the Thames as well as the River Dart.

You can read more of John’s paddle steamer reminiscences in his regular Megoran’s Musings features on the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society website here.

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December 2008:
Paddle Steamer Ariadne

What could this paddle steamer Ariadne be? And why isn’t this magnificent steamship listed in any of the books about European paddle steamers? Clearly she looks a fine, if slightly

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November 2008:
Capt Shippick Suggests

Capt Shippick (pictured on the extreme left in the front row) wrote the letter below to the Bournemouth Times in 1948. I have re-produced it in easier to read type

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October 2008:
UK Paddle Steamers Withdrawn 1948, 1958, 1968 & 1978

The immediate post Second World War period was quite a buoyant time for UK paddle steamer operations with services being re-introduced around the country and passengers teeming up the gangways

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September 2008:
Paddle Steamer Oddities

At first glance this paddle steamer looks as if it has been attacked by a swarm of gigantic bees which have gone to work transforming it into a floating honeycomb.

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August 2008:
Paddle Steamer Sailings from Bournemouth, Swanage and Weymouth August 1960

August 1960 would have provided quite a feast for anyone wishing to take a paddle steamer trip from Bournemouth, Swanage or Weymouth. Cosens and Company was still very much in

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July 2008:
Paddle Steamer Entrepreneur Tony McGinnity

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Tony McGinnity, pictured above on the bridge of the Consul in February 1965 with Capt Harry Defrates. Tony went

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June 2008:
Swiss Paddle Steamer Stadt Zurich

The Lake Zurich paddle steamer Stadt Zurich arriving at Insel Ufenau. “Full astern!” Who says paddle steamers need big piers to call at? The lovely Escher Wyss engine dating from

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May 2008:
My Favourite Thames Captains by John Richardson

Capt R “Bob” Hayman My father was given an introduction to Bob Hayman (as he was known to nearly everyone) and in the early 1930s took me to meet him

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April 2008:
Paddle Tug John H Amos Takes to the Air

The paddle tug John H Amos sitting on the number 7 slip at Chatham on the morning of Thursday 27th March 2008 awaiting her big lift onto a barge. Paddle

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March 2008:
Paddle Steamer Apprentice and Mate Moran Caplat

A question: What have Herne Bay, Sheerness, Dunkirk, Glyndebourne Festival Opera and the paddle steamers Golden Eagle and Freshwater, all got in common? The answer: Moran Caplat, pictured above pointing

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February 2008:
Paddle Steamer Shipyards Then and Now

Shipyards have been in great decline in the UK in the last twenty or so years with cheaper labour rates in places like Poland and elsewhere in the world taking

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January 2008:
Lake Lucerne Paddle Steamer Uri

The beautiful paddle steamers (left to right) Schiller, Stadt Luzern, Unterwalden and Gallia slumber in their winter lay up in the shipyard at Lucerne on Sunday 30th December 2007. Their

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