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Monthly paddle steamer articles written by John Megoran, author, manager and principal captain of Kingswear Castle for nearly 30 years on the Medway and the Thames as well as the River Dart.

You can read more of John’s paddle steamer reminiscences in his regular Megoran’s Musings features on the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society website here.

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December 2013:
Rebuilt Paddle Steamer Returns

This November has seen the return to service on Lake Geneva of the Paddle Steamer Vevey after a major re-build. Dating from a boom period for Swiss paddle steamers in

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November 2013:
Paddle Steamer Mix-Up

The collective recollection of childhood summers bathed in fine weather, when the paddle steamers always ran to time and never ever had any problems with angry passengers left stranded on

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October 2013:
Paddle Steamer Consul on the Thames 1963

Exactly fifty years ago, September 1963 was a bittersweet month for UK paddle steamer lovers. On the one hand, the Medway Queen (pictured above) was withdrawn, making her last sailing

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September 2013:
Paddle Steamer Road to Balmoral

The Balmoral came to Cosens’s yard in Weymouth for her annual maintenance and refit each winter from 1964 for the remainder of her career with Red Funnel and again in

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August 2013:
Paddle Steamer Pride of Devon

After the Second World War only two paddle steamers were ever based at Torquay: the Pride of Devon, seen here alongside Haldon Pier, in 1946,1947 and 1948 and the Princess

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July 2013:
Last Paddle Steamer to Plymouth

The last Devon based paddle steamer to operate an excursion from Torquay to Plymouth was the Princess Elizabeth seen in this picture alongside Haldon Pier, Torquay. Built in 1927 for

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June 2013:
The Last Four Mersey Paddle Steamers

The last four paddle steamers regularly to serve the Mersey, La Marguerite, Mona’s Queen, St Elvies and Snowdon were all withdrawn in the six year period between 1925 and 1931.

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May 2013:
Paddle Steamer to the Scilly Isles

The UK excursion paddle steamer industry reached its apotheosis from the 1890s through to the First World War. The newer steamers, of which P & A Campbell’s Britannia, built 1896,

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April 2013:
Paddle Steamers to Ventnor

Ventnor was the Isle of Wight’s most exposed pier sticking right out into the English Channel with no shelter from winds from the east through to the west. Imagine yourself

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March 2013:
Paddle Steamers Queen of Kent & Queen of Thanet

These two paddle steamer sister ships were built during the first World in 1916 as HMS Atherstone and HMS Melton as part of the Royal Navy’s Ascot (sometimes called Racecourse)

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February 2013:
Paddle Steamer Film Star

What is this mysterious four decked paddle steamer out on a seemingly open sea somewhere on a grey November day last year with flags fluttering in the chill air and

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January 2013:
Paddle Steamer Hit by Tsunami in English Channel

The paddle steamer Cygnus (pictured above) and her sister Aquila were built of iron on the Clyde in 1854 for the North of Europe Steam Navigation Company’s link between Harwich

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