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Monthly paddle steamer articles written by John Megoran, author, manager and principal captain of Kingswear Castle for nearly 30 years on the Medway and the Thames as well as the River Dart.

You can read more of John’s paddle steamer reminiscences in his regular Megoran’s Musings features on the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society website here.

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December 2001:
Kingswear Castle Website Wins Award

We are delighted to be able to announce that the Kingswear Castle website was Commended in the South East England Tourism Awards Best Website Category 2000. Minister for Tourism, Film

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November 2001:
Lake Neutchatel Paddle Steamer Neuchatel

Perhaps the most forgotten of all the wonderful paddle steamers in Switzerland (apart from amongst the residents of Neuchatel that is) is the little paddler Neuchatel which enjoys a static

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October 2001:
Lake Lucerne Paddle Steamer Gallia

Capt Jorg Andrist takes the Lake Lucerne paddle steamer Gallia away from the pier at Brunnen on Wednesday the 19th September 2001, five days before the steamer’s withdrawal from service

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September 2001:
Danish Paddle Steamer Hjejlen

The Danish paddle steamer Hjejlen was built in 1861 at the Baumgarten and Burmeister shipyard in Copenhagen and is still in service today on the Silkeborg Lakes one hundred and

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August 2001:
Red Funnel Paddle Steamer Gracie Fields with Prams

Disposition of prams on top of the paddle box aboard the Red Funnel paddle steamer Gracie Fields in the late 1930s. An enhanced version of the Princess Elizabeth of 1927,

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July 2001:
Lake Geneva Paddle Steamer Montreux

One of the great paddle steamer events of 2001 has been the return to service of the Montreux, dating from 1904, after a complete rebuild which included the installation of

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June 2001:
Paddle Steamer Monarch 1924 – 1961

Forty years ago this summer, the beautiful paddle steamer Monarch was scrapped in Cork. Built as the Shanklin for the Southern Railway service from Portsmouth, Southsea and Stokes Bay to

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May 2001:
Lake Brienz Paddle Steamer Lotschberg

The Lake Brienz paddle steamer Lotschberg was built in 1914 by Escher Wyss for service from Interlaken on Lake Brienz. She is 182ft long, has a breadth of 42ft and

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April 2001:
Cosens’ Paddle Steamer Victoria

The paddle steamer Victoria was built for Cosens & Co in 1884. At one time or another she ran on pretty well all their routes but was mostly based at

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March 2001:
Lake Maggiore Paddle Steamer Lombardia

Built by N Odero in 1908 for service on Lake Maggiore, the paddle steamer Lombardia was withdrawn in 1958, becoming a restaurant at Baveno. She was moved to Arona in

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February 2001:
Lunch Aboard the Paddle Steamer Majestic

The menu for a trip aboard Cosens’ paddle steamer Majestic in 1914. This was an auspicious year for European paddlers with work proceeding on the construction of no less than

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January 2001:
PSPS (Almost) Paddle Steamer Alumchine

In 1963 the paddle steamer Alumchine was the first paddler to be considered for purchase by the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society, four years before the Kingswear Castle was bought and

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