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John Megoran recalls the heyday and decline paddle steamers, particularly the Weymouth based paddle steamers that he grew up with. He did not know then that he would go on to help restore, manage and be principal captain of Kingswear Castle for nearly 30 years.
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65 years ago

30th October 1957:
Bournemouth Queen

On Wednesday 30th October 1957 the Bournemouth Echo ran an article expanding on its announcement the previous day that Red Funnel’s Bournemouth Queen was to be withdrawn. The article makes

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4 years ago

29th October 2018:
Stadt Luzern

On Monday 29th October 2018 Stadt Luzern’s outgoing Captain Kuno Stein and her new master Roger Maurer, who will take command on completion of her rebuild, spent the day clearing

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61 years ago

19th October 1961:
Glen Usk

On 19th October 1961 P & A Campbell’s coal-fired paddle steamer Glen Usk was towed out from Penarth Dock to Cardiff by the tugs Loyal Celt and Carolyn Davies, where

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102 years ago

18th October 1920:

On Monday 18th October 1920 P & A Campbell’s Britannia shifted ship from Bridge Wharf Glasgow, where she had arrived from Bristol on the previous Friday, to the yard of

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73 years ago

17th October 1949:
Glen Usk

Monday 17th October was the last day of the 1949 season for Glen Usk which she spent making three round trips on the Cardiff/Penarth/Barry ferry to Weston-super-Mare. At this stage

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14 years ago

16th October 2008:
Tony McGinnity

A memorial service was held for Tony McGinnity, doyen of paddle steamer preservation in the 1960s, at St Olave’s Church in the City of London on Thursday 16th October 2008.

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60 years ago

15th October 1962:

On the morning of Monday 15th October 1962 British Railways’s coal-fired paddle steamer Sandown left Portsmouth for Weymouth for refit work by Cosens & Co on her engine and boiler.

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102 years ago

14th October 1920:
Lady Evelyn

Chris Collard records in his excellent book “White Funnels Volume 2” that on Thursday 14th October 1920 Lady Evelyn sailed light ship from Cardiff to lay up for the winter

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59 years ago

13th October 1963:

On Sunday 13th October 1963 Caledonia was rostered to be out and about on the Clyde ferry service starting and finishing her day at Gourock and taking in Millport. For

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57 years ago

12th October 1965:

After her short trial running on the Bristol Channel for P & A Campbell, the former Red Funnel Vecta set off from Cardiff on Tuesday 12th October 1965 for the

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100 years ago

10th October 1922:

On Tuesday 10th October 1922 there were 13 round trips by paddle steamer scheduled to run between Portsmouth and Ryde. First away from Portsmouth with the run put on specially

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61 years ago

9th October 1961:
Bristol Queen

Monday 9th October 1961 unexpectedly turned out to be the last day of the season for Bristol Queen. This was not originally planned as she had already competed her scheduled

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84 years ago

7th October 1938:
Glen Gower

Glen Gower was about five nautical miles seaward of Ilfracombe at 5am on the morning of Friday 7th October 1938 on her way back to Bristol from Brighton. It had

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64 years ago

6th October 1958:
Cardiff Queen

Monday 6th October 1958 was the last day of the season for Cardiff Queen with four round trips on the Cardiff/Weston ferry. She was due away from Cardiff (9.30am) for

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95 years ago

5th October 1927:

We saw in an earlier post how the Southern Railway offered trips taking advantage of timings for “Early Closing Day” when shops generally closed for business on Wednesday afternoons. P

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25 years ago

3rd October 1997:

On Friday 3rd October 1997 Waverley left Tilbury (9.40am) for Southend (11am) and Chatham (12.30pm) where I berthed her alongside the quay wall just to the north of Thunderbolt Pier.

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57 years ago

2nd October 1965:
Paddle Tug Grinder

The ever indefatigable Mrs Eileen Pritchard (PSPS Member number 1) organised a visit to the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service Paddle Tug Grinder at Portsmouth for 11am on Saturday 2nd October

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69 years ago

1st October 1953:

Embassy was rostered to make her last trips of the 1953 season from Bournemouth on Thursday 1st October. She was due away from her overnight berth alongside Poole Quay at

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