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There are still some tickets available for the KC Rebuild Fund Raising Cruise aboard Dart Explorer leaving Dartmouth at 6.15pm due back 8pm on Saturday 13th August priced at Adult

Consul started her 1960 season on Saturday June 4th by running a shuttle service to Portland Navy Days from the Weymouth Pleasure Pier with departures on the hour every hour

The SGV Company has this season appointed Captain Rebecca Benz to be the first lady in the company’s history to command a paddle steamer on Lake Lucerne. She joined the

Railway historian Tim Dunn was aboard KC in the shipyard on Thursday 14th July to record a piece called Stormy Weather about paddle steamers for Michael Portillo’s slot on Times

Embassy had her galley positioned on the port side sponson abaft the paddle box. The porthole closest to the camera in this picture was for the pantry which contained a

Although the excursion trade initially boomed in the aftermath of the Second World War, by the middle of the 1950s it was in steep decline. By the second half of

The plan of campaign for KC’s major rebuild had been to undertake the work over three winters. However so far this winter and spring things have gone so well that

In late May and early June of 1910 P & A Campbell’s steamer trips from the Sussex Coast piers at Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings were in the hands of their

As the scale of the necessary work for Phase 1 of KC’s rebuild has unfolded as the aft part of the ship has been dismantled her return to service this

In the summer season of 1938 either the St Tudno or the St Seiriol was due away from the Liverpool Landing Stage at 10.45am every day up to September 26th

Click on the link below to tune in to John Megoran’s YouTube presentation about rebuilding paddle steamers in general and Kingswear Castle in particular:

Work continues on Phase 1 of KC’s rebuild at Dartmouth renewing steelwork of the hull and structure of the ship as necessary and all the decks from the aft boiler

With fierce competition from Cosens and what became Red Funnel, P & A Campbell moved their south coast operating base from Southampton to the Sussex Coast shortly after the start

This winter the Lake Geneva paddler Italie is rostered to be in service operating a lunch cruise every Sunday in January, February, March and on up to 10th April leaving

1962 was the last season in which Cosens operated two paddle steamers. Embassy was based at Poole and ran between Swanage, Bournemouth and the Isle of Wight. Consul was based

The huge industrial developments in Britain, Europe and America in the nineteenth century, and particularly from the 1850s onwards, spawned money on a scale never seen before. Europe was awash

Sunday 17th October was the last day in service for the season of Stadt Luzern and Uri on Lake Lucerne and it was a busy day with fine weather bringing

1954 was P & A Campbell’s centenary season celebrating 100 years since their first steamer Express sailed on the Clyde. And whilst this was true it was not until 1887

The 1953 season at Bournemouth opened in mid May with Monarch. She was joined by Embassy on Whit Sunday 24th May with Consul making her first appearance of the season

Built in 1908 for what became Red Funnel, Bournemouth Queen spent most of her peacetime summers running excursions from Bournemouth and Swanage up to 1950. After that she spent the