Completion of the Boiler Installation

  • Saturday 21st April 2001: Work connecting the boiler steam pipes is now well underway and Kingswear Castle is scheduled to leave the Acorn Shipyard, Strood, on Monday 23rd April at about noon and return to her berth at the Historic Dockyard, Chatham. The new boiler’s first steaming trials etc are expected to take place during the week.
  • Monday 23rd April 2001: Kingswear Castle left the Acorn Shipyard, Strood at 12.30 and returned to her base at the Historic Dockyard, Chatham under tow. A fire was lit in the new boiler for the first time at 16.00 to start the process of warming through. More heat will be put into the boiler gently on Tuesday with a view to raising a full head of steam for the first time on Wednesday to test the safety valves etc.
  • Wednesday 25th April 2001: Steam was raised in the new boiler for the first time, the steam driven pumps were run and the safety valves tested at around 16.00. Main engine trials are scheduled for Thursday 26th April.
  • Thursday 26th April 2001: Engine trials were conducted alongside the pier and at 17.20 Kingswear Castle set off for her first steaming trials on the river with the new boiler sailing towards Strood and back to the Historic Dockyard. All went successfully. The MCA trials for the Passenger Certificates are scheduled for Tuesday 1st May.
  • Tuesday 1st May 2001: The final Maritime and Coastguard survey and trials took place successfully for the re-issue of the Passenger Certificates. Kingswear Castle is scheduled to return to service on Friday 4th May with an evening charter and is operating public sailings over the weekend.
  • Friday 4th May 2001: Kingswear Castle returned to service on time and on schedule after the boiler replacement with a charter on Friday 4th May. During the following Bank Holiday weekend she ran her advertised sailings as well as several other specials for coach parties.